You Know You’ve Arrived When Your Critics Do.

ASEA has become one of the top 10 growth companies in the Direct Sales industry.  That will get you noticed for better or sometimes worse.

A year ago ASEA was less than a blip on the radar.  The product wasn’t any different then than it is today, there were simply fewer voices touting the benefits of this breakthrough.  There were problems with the messaging too.  The world of government regulation in the health and wellness arena made it very difficult to tell people about this product because, frankly, you can’t speak frankly about what it does!  You simply gave someone a bottle and the results did the talking.  It worked, but word spread slowly.

Things sped up with the discovery of, what I call, the Sports Side Effect.  Athletes began reporting tremendous increases in their endurance and performance after using ASEA.  The company looked into it, did some extensive research and testing, and discovered that ASEA could indeed increase the Ventricular Threshold (a.k.a. the runners wall) by an average of 12%.  This is a staggering number to any elite athlete, coach, or trainer.  Athletes train for years to gain a 2% increase in VT.  Blood Doping, which is illegal has shown to only increase VT by 2 to 4%.

Recently some bloggers calling themselves MLM, Direct Sales, or Network Marketing experts have called ASEA a scam selling salt water and nothing more.  Of course they ignore the science behind the product, the 30 patents on its development processes, and the thousands of people who have seen amazing, consistent, results from taking it.

The key when reading these blogs or visiting these “news and reviews” sites claiming to be 3rd party, disinterested, or unbiased voices is to look for the sales pitch.  Inevitably they are selling their own deal and have determined their best way to sell it is by undermining and bashing any other product or company out there that may compete with theirs.  Personally I think a product and company should be able to stand on its own merits and will sell based on customer satisfaction and product results, but hey, what do I know?

Don’t be fooled.  When someone says ASEA is nothing more than salt and water they are either seriously misinformed or they are intentionally trying to mislead.  It doesn’t take a lot of digging to learn that ASEA is the branded name for a product that is simply this; “reactive molecules created and stabilized outside the body which, when ingested, re-establish communications at the molecular level.  These molecules serve their purpose by activating antioxidants and allowing cellular communication… in effect they flip the switch back on in your immune system. This is the most foundational product ever made available to the public. It has ZERO toxicity and in fact, is native to the body and found in every cell.” The chances are your body isn’t making as many of these molecules as it used to which is why this discovery is so big.  Now you can replace them where before you couldn’t.

You want patents? We got patents.  You want White Papers? We got White Papers.

Patents released for public view to date.   5,334,383;  5,507,932;  5,674,537;  5,731,008;  6,007,6866,117,285

You want to feel better?  We got ASEA!

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