The Health Continuum, Where are YOU?

Take out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Draw a straight line horizontally from left to right.

At the point on the far left end write – 100% optimal health. As good as it can get. Near perfection.  Now at the point on the far right end write 0 % – dismal health.  Basically you’d be knocking on death’s door.

2 questions for you:

First, where are YOU right now on this scale between 100% optimal health and 0% dismal health or your deathbed?  Second, if you could do something about it, would you want to move BACK on that horizontal line toward optimal health? OK, obvious answer on number two, but have you ever seriously considered that first one?

Health is all about YOU and how you are made.  YOU are completely made up of cells.  How many? It’s been estimated the human body has anywhere from 70 to 100 trillion cells in its architecture.

Guess what?  You’re ONLY as healthy as the health of every single one of those cells.

The quality of your life is ultimately determined by the health of your cells. If any of your cells aren’t healthy, you’re not at optimal health and if you’re more than 10 years of age, even if you believe you’re in excellent health, you’ve been moving consistently to the right on our horizontal line every minute of every hour of every day.

Even if you eat right, exercise, and take all the precautions you can find there’s not much you can do do about it.  In fact science has said stopping or moving back on that horizontal line couldn’t be done.

Thank heaven science is always trying to do what it says can’t be done!  And now it has…

A remarkable scientific breakthrough nearly two decades in the making has recently been released to the world and it is unlike anything you’ve heard about before.  In fact, a major university has said this breakthrough could be the most important since the discovery of penicillin.

That’s a big deal.

It’s not an antioxidant.  It’s not a supplement or vitamin.  It’s not an herbal product or exotic juice.  This remarkable breakthrough creates its own category and goes beyond nutritional ingredients.  It has the potential to impact your health at a depth no supplement has even come close to achieving.


If science found a way to help the body go into “hyper-healing” would you jump at the chance to experience it?

If science found a way to help the body increase it’s own production of the most important molecule it needs to stay healthy and prevent disease would you want to hear about it?

If science found a way for athletes increase their performance, stamina, and recovery in ways previously believed unachieveable and actually provide them with a legal, ethical, and healthy advantage over their competition would you be curious to know more?

This isn’t science fiction but science fact.  We encourage you to discover this amazing breakthrough and experience it for yourself.  This blog is full of good information that will help you make an informed choice.

Contact Us if you’d like to ask questions and speak to an authorized distributor.

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