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You Asked, Dr. Samuelson Answered

Here are a number of questions commonly asked about Redox Signaling and ASEA, a new product containing balanced Redox Signaling Molecules.  Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D. Atomic Medical Physicist has provided answers to these questions. What are the reactive Redox … Continue reading

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Redox Signaling Molecules Tune up Cell’s Communication Channels

Every cell in the body MUST be able to communicate with its neighboring cells in order to function correctly. Communication channels exist that allow messengers to run back and forth between cells. These messengers actually program the DNA in the … Continue reading

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What Are Redox Signaling Molecules? (Part Four)

Redox Signaling Molecules are Produced by Mitochondria The primary source of redox signaling molecules in living cells is the mitochondria. The mitochondria live inside the cells and produce 95% of all of the energy (ATP fuel) used in the body. … Continue reading

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