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Breakthrough should equal One of a Kind

Today, it can be hard to get excited about a breakthrough. That’s because everything is called a “breakthrough.” There’s always something new and exciting popping up around us. So when someone says they’ve made a breakthrough, it just gets lost … Continue reading

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Triathlete Cindy Lampee on Asea

I am Cindy Lampee and I am a stay at home mom. I have been a runner for about eighteen years. Just recently I got into triathlons after running four marathons in just under two years. After four weeks of … Continue reading

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The Cycling World is Getting Turned On to ASEA.

The dominoes are beginning to fall as the word about Asea and what it is doing for athletes spreads.  The cycling world seems to have taken the lead in adopting this product.  Cyclists at all competitive levels are seeing dramatic … Continue reading

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