Redox Signaling Molecules in a Gel?

ASEA Global, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, has spent the last decade cementing its brand as the leader in Redox Biochemistry based products. Their catch phrase “We are Redox” incapsulates that goal.

During it’s first 5 years it was a single product company with a Redox Signaling supplement said to contain redox signaling molecules. The product carries the company name ASEA and is a liquid saline-based solution which contains the afore mentioned molecules.

In 2014 the company announced a new topical gel for the skin using the same solution of redox signaling molecules and nano technology.

Branded RENU28, the gel formulation encourages the strength and resiliency of your skin’s cell reproduction in partnership with your body’s natural efforts to keep your skin healthy. The science behind RENU28 delivers gentle, effective treatment to repair and comfort aging or damaged skin. Through Redox Signaling technology, this unique gel provides essential support to the all-important cellular mechanisms that are the foundation of your skin’s structure. Vital to the health of living cells, RENU28 provides critical connections and communication between cells with Redox Signaling molecules to ensure optimum renewal and replenishment.

RENU-28-ASEA-4-dermatest-300x166Dermatest, one of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world, gave RENU28 its coveted 5-star clinically tested seal. In clinical trials, twenty women used RENU28 for 28 days. In addition to standard dermatological tests, digital scans were made of individual features such as wrinkles and skin texture.

Redox Signaling Molecules are naturally created within every cell of the body. They are vital to your immune system and to the cellular healing mechanisms of your body. A proper supply of Redox Signaling Molecules enables cellular healing throughout your
body. As you age, your cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules and your body’s ability to combat everyday ailments and the effects of aging diminishes.

In order to keep the cellular mechanisms of your body performing properly, it is essential that you supplement and replenish these Redox Signaling Molecules. The only way that you can do that outside of your own cells, is through ASEA—the world’s only source for Redox Signaling Molecules.

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