The Science Behind Redox Signaling Supplement

Prepared by: Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. Robertson D. Ward, M.D., FAAFP David Carpenter, N.D., C.Ac., C.C.I.

The North Carolina Research Campus, and the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. David Nieman’s world renowned team of scientists, uncovered new findings proving that the consumption of ASEA empowers humans to shift the availability of free fatty acids. These calorie sources represent a more favorable and efficient source of fuel for exercise and all daily life activity.

Facts about Our Metabolism

Cells inside our body breathe! The processes of metabolism at a cellular level involves the consumption of molecular oxygen and large molecule energy sources (sugar, glycogen, fatty acids, and amino acids). Through the process of oxidative phosphorylation (cellular respiration…breathing!) the cells create energy (ATP). The mitochondria in our cells do this work, and this is where Redox Signaling molecules are created.

Metabolism and Athletes

We understand that our cells always strive to run at the greatest efficiency possible. Through the conditioning of our bodies, our cells learn to use certain fuel sources preferentially. We are all familiar with the fatigue and pain that happens after rigorously exercising out-of-shape muscle groups. This happens because the muscle exhausts the standard glycogen source for fuel and then shifts to anaerobic metabolism (using fuel without oxygen), which forms lactic acid metabolites. But trained distance runners have conditioned their bodies to utilize a different fuel source: fatty acids (which are 6 times more energy-providing than other sources). By using fatty acids, these athletes preserve their muscle glycogen stores for strenuous bursts, like at the end of races, and that means greater endurance.

This is important. Endurance athletes actually condition their bodies to use fatty acids as a preferred fuel source, sparing muscle glycogen and increasing endurance.

Specific Metabolite Research Findings with ASEA:

The astonishing results of this randomized, double-blinded, crossover, placebo-based research showed that after one week of drinking 4 ounces of ASEA daily, the test subjects demonstrated a shift in 43 of 108 metabolites measured from the blood sample. These shifts were revealed using ultra-sensitive mass-spectroscopic measurement techniques. These shifts were so great that it was thought that there might be a software anomaly and scientists requested a manual inspection to verify data.

The largest metabolite shifts were in serum fatty acids. Again, these shifts happened after one week of consumption and before any athletic activity. Fatty acids are typically mobilized from abdominal body fat stores. They included myristic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitelaidic acid, and capric acid. Don’t let the “acid” part throw you off; these are sources of fuel for the human body.

The chemical markers of these fatty acids are called “metabolites,” and their various concentrations in our blood represent a fingerprint of our metabolic balance. The metabolite shifts found due to ASEA ingestion are profound and very beneficial to health, since these shifts mimic what the body does when seeking fuel efficiency; that is, using fatty acids as a preferred fuel source and sparing muscle glycogen.

These important metabolite changes have resulted in applications for new patents for ASEA, and have prompted further studies at the North Carolina Research Campus. Additionally, all of these changes occurred without any evidence of toxicity whatsoever on any basic organ functions in liver and kidney tissue.


These initial results from a larger study on athletic performance have demonstrated that ASEA, which is composed of Redox Signaling molecules, has a profound impact on mobilization of fatty acids as they aid with efficiency in cellular respiration. This favorable pattern of increased availability of fatty acids for fuel consumption represents a foundational shift in our metabolic fingerprint – a shift toward more effective patterns of fuel usage and energy output.

The Redox Signaling Supplement’s foundational technology is completely protected by U.S. patents 5,334,383;  5,507,932;  5,674,537;  5,731,008;  6,007,686;  6,117,285.

ASEA athletes are finding they can go farther, faster, longer without red-lining their heart rate or going into critical oxygen debt

  • Redox Signaling molecules are the key to cell efficiency
  • ASEA athletes increase cell efficiency, giving them a competitive advantage
  • Clinical studies show 12% average increase in time to VT (ventilatory threshold)
  • Tested athletes report shorter recovery time and less soreness and fatigue
  • Clinically proven, 100% safe, completely free of banned substances
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2 Responses to The Science Behind Redox Signaling Supplement

  1. Robert Post says:

    :Dr. Harriet Hall is a persistent skeptic and critic of ASEA, who sneers at the patents the company holds. I have spent a lot of time researching what exactly the redox signalling molecules are, and I have not been able to find out. The closest I have come is an article that listed some of the chemical compounds that could be created by various combinations of oxygen, hydrogen, sodium and chlorine (water and salt).

    The vague explanation of the process was some form of electrolysis that breaks down salt and water into its constituent elements, whereupon they somehow form various redox signaling molecules. These molecules however, have opposite ionization which cancel themselves out…., whereupon everything turns back into ordinary salt water.

    The breakthrough discovery, by Dr. Gary Samuelson, was how to stabilize the otherwise auto-cancelling molecules in aqueous solution. This is the secret sauce. Would it be fair to say that ASEA is very secretive about the actual redox signaling molecules in the product (by chemical name) because it is not fully protected by patents? Understandably, the stabilizing process would be a trade secret, but it would be nice to know exactly what those chemicals actually are.

    What do your patents actually cover? The process of creating RSMs from salt water? (Which takes 3 days) You can’t patent the molecules themselves, but what are they? I’m sure that the stabilization technology is covered by a patent. Which one? Where can I read it?

    I’m very interested, but I am a guy who needs to know as much as possible about how it actually works.

    • DCL says:

      Dr. Hall sells her own supplements and sees ASEA as competition, not that that is her only reason. Frankly she’s never really given a reason other than her distaste for the network marketing platform ASEA uses to sell its product. But she has ignored opportunities to discuss and debate this science and the ASEA product with other physicians and ASEA executives. Instead she has chosen to be an antagonist with no knowledge, facts, or evidence, to back it up other than her fall back “believe me I’m a doctor!”

      I know the founders personally. I know their story. I know, for example, that founders Verdis Norton and Jim Pack were offered a massive sum for the company by a pharmaceutical company from the eastern U.S. If all they were peddling was Salt and Water why would a pharmaceutical company want it? For me it’s a matter of personal experience. I’m alive today because of this product and there is no arguing it. Dr. Hall can stick her nose up at this product all she wants it doesn’t change that fact. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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