What Are Redox Signaling Molecules? (Part Three)

Redox signaling complexes contain chlorine

Some of the redox signaling complexes in our body contain chlorine. This is not the same form as the unbalanced crude forms of molecular chlorine and bleach (Cl2, NaOCl) that are used to sanitize pools and water supplies.

Such unbalanced forms of chlorine are notably irritating and toxic, though still tolerated. In fact, certain unbalanced mixtures are the primary weapon of choice for the immune system and are potently effective against microbes.

Perfectly balanced redox signaling mixtures, in contrast, have zero toxicity are not irritating, even soothing, and are safe for all tissues in the body, including the eyes. These balanced mixtures of redox signaling molecules already exist in large concentrations in all tissues and fluids in the body and are able to be easily handled by all tissues.

The secret is balance.

This is also why many people say ASEA tastes like “pool water”.  It’s not uncommon to hear ASEA users ask each other, “Did you drink your pool water today?”  Hey, might as well have some fun with it!  The benefits far outweigh the lack of a sweet pleasing flavor. Besides, we’ve all tasted worse things that are good for you.  Right?

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