New Science Provides Families a Healthy Edge

To Parents who are committed to protecting and nurturing a healthy, active family, a recent discovery in the field of Redox Biochemistry is showing remarkable effectiveness in keeping your family healthy.

The science is close to two decades old now and has identified Redox Signaling Molecules to be more than simple waste molecules created during the cells production of ATP as was previously believed.  A more astonishing discovery shows these molecules to be critical in the communication properties in cells providing intra-cell communication networks as well as the ability to signal to the immune system when cell damage occurs.  Without these Redox Signaling Molecules healing could not occur.

When you’re a child the body makes more than enough of these molecules to handle the basic healing needs of a growing person, but as we hit those 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond the production of Redox Signaling Molecules gradually decreases where by age 70 you are producing 10% of the amount you produced when your were 10 years-old.

Unfortunately there was never a way to just go to the doctor and get a prescription for Redox Signaling Molecules to replenish what your body could no longer produce.

At least that used to be the case.  A breakthrough within the last 5 years has done something previously thought impossible though it had been attempted many times.  Someone discovered how to stabilize these Redox Signaling Molecules in a solution outside of the human body and maintain their bio-active viability for more than a year!

Dr. Gary L. Samuelson Ph.D. and Medical Atomic Physicist, together with a company called ASEA discovered a process to stabilize these molecules in a solution allowing anyone to replenish their body with the Redox Signaling Molecules vital to cell function and balance within the cells.  Your overall health is directly correlated to the health of every cell in your body.  Healthy cells = healthy you, regardless of your age.

Several universities are now studying the process developed by ASEA which also carries 30 patents to protect this incredible discovery.

ASEA is the world’s first and only stable and bio-active solution that fortifies the immune system through the power of Redox Signaling.

To learn more about this breakthrough and the benefits of ASEA Contact Us, we’d love to visit with you and answer your questions.

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