Redox Signaling – 3 Great Truths

Truth – We Live and Die at the Cellular Level

If our cells are healthy, then so are we, regardless of age.  Damage caused to cells that cannot be effectively repaired or replaced with new cells leads to failing health.  Healthy muscles require healthy muscle cells, healthy hearts require healthy heart cells, a healthy mind requires healthy brain cells, and so it is with every function of our physical bodies.  It can then be accurately determined that the quality of life one experiences is in direct relation to the health of the individual cells of the body.

Truth – Redox Signaling is Foundational to Cellular Health

For many years now scientists have known and studied a specific group of molecules created inside the body and cells called Redox Signaling Molecules. For many years these molecules were considered unnecessary and a simple by-product of your cells’ regular routine of producing energy. In the past 5 years or so scientists have determined that these Redox Signaling Molecules are much, much, more than that. They are an integral part of cellular health and without them the body would not be able to heal itself.

Truth – ASEA is the Worlds First and Only Redox Signaling Supplement

It begins with simple salt water – the solution that covers 70% of the earth’s surface and comprises 70% of our bodies. Asea takes this saline solution and passes it through a complex heavily patented process. With this discovery, the scientists behind ASEA achieved two of the greatest breakthroughs in health science. First, they created Redox Signaling Molecules OUTSIDE of the body, and second, they were able to stabilize these molecules in the same perfect balance as they are found in the human body and our cells. The result? ASEA is the first and only Redox Signaling supplemental product on earth.

It is, quite simply, science in a bottle.

ASEA is poised to astonish the world of health and wellness, athletics, and science.

To view a more detailed presentation on how this science works with ASEA CLICK HERE

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