Book Recommendation

The Science of Healing Revealed: New Insights into Redox Signaling by Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D.

This 60 page book is an insightful, easy read. Written in simple and easy to understand terminology without losing the importance or impact of this amazing science.

Dr. Chase N. Peterson, MD and former President of the University of Utah and Dean of Admissions for Harvard University said, “Dr. Samuelson has found a way to take a complex and difficult subject and make it lucid and understandable to the lay reader.  It is very rare that someone can convey the concepts in science with such clarity and still maintain a degree of accuracy and precision.

Dr. Samuelson possesses this unique talent in a way that conserves the precision of the science, and yet exposes the technical terms and underlying concepts in a clear language able to be understood by any interested reader.

The reader starts to gain a much better view of the science of healing and a good understanding of the basic concepts of how the body’s healing process works.”

When we understand what the healing process is and how it works we will be better equipped to tackle the physical ailments we all encounter in life.

You can get The Science of Healing Revealed at the Asea Print Store for only $3.50.*

*Healthy Signals receives no compensation from the sale of this book

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