The Asea Side Effect

In our last post we mentioned a side effect that came from the discovery of the Asea compound and formation of the company to market this breakthrough product.

That side effect is a good one that will benefit entrepreneurial spirits around the globe.  You see the developers of Asea have decided to use network marketing as their business model.  Which means people who recognize opportunity and “seize the day” have a chance to be a part of health science history and make a good income in the process.

Here are the reasons Asea will join the ranks of the largest companies in the world and be one of the fastest to get there.

Cutting-edge technology and executive leadership help ASEA stand apart

It’s not difficult to understand that life’s greatest opportunities are often born of need. A particular need prompts a breakthrough, and that breakthrough will open the door to opportunity. ASEA is one such breakthrough, the results of the need of people everywhere to find new solutions for their health concerns. And not only does ASEA provide singular health benefits, but it also provides unique, life-changing potential for achieving financial and personal career goals.

Most people know that the nutritional supplement scene is a crowded one. A new “superjuice” seems to pop up virtually every week. And store shelves are lined with thousands of “me-too” pills, creams and sprays. ASEA is different. And there are several elements that make it different from any other wellness product or network marketing opportunity available today (see 4 Differentiating Elements of ASEA below)

In short, there has never been a product, company or opportunity quite like ASEA. “Not only can you experience life-changing health benefits, but as you share ASEA with others, you can achieve financial independence and lifestyle freedom,” says CEO Verdis Norton.  So stand apart from everything else out there – choose ASEA”

4 Differentiating Elements of ASEA

1. First to Market

ASEA is the first and only supplement to provide Redox Signaling molecules. Its standing is unchallenged, as the process for producing Redox Signaling molecules is so scientifically sound and protected by patents that ASEA stands completely alone in the marketplace.

2. Never-Before-Seen Technology

As explained elsewhere, ASEA’s unique process is patented and protected. And this technology isn’t just cutting-edge – it’s an entirely new edge. “This means that for many years down the road, ASEA will continue to be the only source of Redox Signaling molecules,” says James Pack, Co-Founder of ASEA.

3. Unrivaled Leadership

Verdis Norton, a former VP of Kraft Foods, has few peers in the network marketing field. His foresight, visions and leadership have made him an invaluable component of some of the worlds largest corporations. Now he’s used that experience and expertise to mold ASEA into a product, company and opportunity unlike any other.

4. Timing

More than ever before, today’s population is searching for solutions for prevalent health concerns. While there are a myriad options for supplements, programs and products, consumers need something that stands apart. “ASEA does just that. At the forefront of a huge and continually growing health and wellness industry the time is perfect to become part of the ASEA team.” Says Kurt Richards, VP of Corporate Development.

We invite you to dig a little deeper.  Contact us for a one on one discussion to see if this opportunity fits you.

Taking hold of opportunities

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